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Here at AFHP Coaching we offer three different courses for coaches and industry professionals to upskill their knowledge of Strategy, Skill Development and Drill & Scenario Design. These courses are industry recognised, being partnered with the AFLCA (Coaches Association) and AFL Sports Ready. One of the most valuable aspects of the courses is the opportunity to network with other industry professionals from the AFL/AFLW and VFL/VFLW Competitions, participants are surrounded with like minded coaches and share their insights from their own programs.

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Advanced Certificate in coaching fundamental AFL Skills 

The Advanced Certificate in Coaching Fundamental AFL Skills is an advanced level course which provides education on how to coach the fundamental skills for Australian Rules Football. The course provides the information from an industry first study conducted over the length of two years. The study contains what the different variations of kicks, handballs, tackles, evasion and catches are, how to coach the technique for them and what situation the variation of the skill is required in.

The content teaches coaches how to coach development programs, skill breakdown, decision making, technique, as well as teaching coaches how to analyse the modern game from a skill acquisition perspective.

 The course aims to teach coaches on how to create development programs, Improve a coaches knowledge of coaching skill, and to understand how to analyse and develop skills using skill acquisition coaching methods.


Advanced Certificate in creating & coaching AFL Game Plans  

The Advanced Certificate in Coaching & Creating AFL Game Plans is an advanced level course which provides education for coaches about how to create tailored game plans according to the playing list they have available. The course aims to improve the knowledge of coaches on how to create and implement game plans using skill acquisition coaching methods.

This course provides a comprehensive guide for coaches on what a game plan really is, how to create a game plan, how to implement a game plan and manage coaching staff, the pros and cons to specific strategies along with the different types of strategies for Attack, Defence, Contest & Stoppages. There are strategies provided for all levels of football being AFL and AFLW, juniors and community senior levels. Finally, the course teaches coaches about how to teach different strategies through decision making and game sense training, this is so you not only know how to create a game plan, but how you can plan to teach it.


Professional Certificate In  Designing Game Sense Drills Using Skill Acquisition Coaching Methods

This course is an industry first course which provides education on how to design drills & scenarios to improve the learning process in a players development. The course provides a comprehensive guide to designing activities to shape learning environments for the modern game. Using an education first approach, the course covers how coaches can progress challenges to eventually resemble the game.

The course aims to develop the participants knowledge of modifying drills and scenarios so they can effectively teach skills or strategies to players and teams within invasion games, in particular AFL. This course provides solutions for coaches within the AFL & AFLW competitions along with community level coaches on how they can teach strategies more effectively using skill acquisition.

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